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Dandelion AF confirm/IS Emulator (programmable) for Olympus
Dandelion AF confirm/IS Emulator (programmable) for Olympus
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Dandelion AF confirm/IS Emulator (programmable) for OlympusModel: 11013

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TAGO - Exclusive Distributor for Singapore and Malaysia

What does it do :
This chip when fix to an adapter (available separately) mainly enables the camera AF confirmation indicator when you turn the focusing ring manually until the subject gets focus. There's no communication between the lens and camera mounted on the adapter with this chip. Aperture and focusing are still manual whether AF or manual lens is mounted.

Features of our new revolutionary chip (Firmware dated May 2010) :

---> Programmable Exif Information - The exif data can be changed/programmed by the camera body!!!
       These are the programmable parameters:
       1) Aperture value
       2) Focal Length - All your manual lens will be IS enabled by having only one chip
       3) Calibration for front and back focus *  (NEW)
       4) Insert additional lens information for picture identification - e.g. exif shows "Planar 50/1.4" when viewed in PC (NEW)
--> Specially designed Alignment Tool and Chip Back Support - this ensure the chip is well secured to the adapter. Without a properly designed back support (chip from other makes), you risk damaging your expensive camera (e.g. reflex mirror) should the chip drop off. (NEW)

--> Gold contact -  better contact as compared to silver contact in our older version (NEW)

--> Works on all AF modes - i.e. "M", "S-AF", "C-AF", "S-AF + M" and "C-AF + M"

--> No more shutter lag time - The AF confirm indicator appear almost instantly when subject gets focus, in older version there's about 1 sec time lag

Additional information:
* Back focus or front focus problem -  In virtually all cases, this happens due to the lens / camera combination. As this chip is defaulted to neutral focus point, most lens will not experience front or back focus problem.  However, should the focus confirmation seems to be activated in front or behind the subject,  you could calibrate the focus confirmation point (via the chip) a little front or back to resolve the problem.

*** Installation of this chip requires special attention on Pentax K manual lens because the lens' prong will block the chip. You have to mount the lens onto the adapter before installing the chip. After that, the Pentax K lens is not removable from the adapter. There's no similar problem on other brand lens, including Contax lens which clears the lens prong nicely. Thanks to our slim chip and chip back support.


This AF confirm / IS enable chip is an emulator of Olympus AF lens. It is an electronic device that will "trick" the Olympus camera to activate 2 great features: 1) AF confirmation indicator, and 2) Image stabilizer.

It has been tested successfully on Olympus E-300, E-330, E-400, E-410, E-420, E-450, E-500, E-510, E-520, E-600, E-620, E-30, E-3, E-1. This chip does not work Panasonic DMC-L1 and L10. Contact us if you need to use it on Panasonic, we have dedicated chip for it.

This product comes in a kit comprises:

1) AF confirm / IS enable chip
2) Chip alignment tool (If you purchase 2 or more pieces, only 1 alignment tool will be provided. If you need more please send us an email)
3) Chip back support
4) 6 pages clear and comprehensive programming instructions (Click here to download)

Adapters can be purchased separately from our Store.
The lens in the picture is for demonstration only.


Note on AF Confirm Indicator

When the chip is in action, the AF confirm indicator in the viewfinder lights up almost instantly (& with "beep" sound on all AF modes except "M" mode) when the subject gets focus.  AF confirm works on all lenses of any focal length, and with any aperture even down to f/22 (under bright daylight).   This will be the end of painful focus guessing!

Note on Image Stabilizer

For the image stabilizer to work, firstly your Olympus camera must have the IS function (e.g. E-510, E-520).

This chip works on all lens with all focal length.  You will need to program the chip exif data (using your camera body) to your lens focal length for IS to work effectively.
For example: If you're using a 180mm lens, program the chip exif's focal length information to 180mm.

The focal length referred to above are 35mm equivalent.  You need not consider the 2x multiplier, i.e. On a 180mm manual lens, the best IS efficiency is achieved when the chip exif's focal length information is programmed at 180mm.

Chip Exif Data programmed at Focal Length 70mm, F2.8

Chip Exif Data programmed at Focal Length 1025mm, F4.8

Installation Instructions
1) Place template on the adapter, making sure the protruding maker (on the template) and the dented gap (for locking the adapter to the camera) are aligned. 
2) Apply glue to the inner part of the chip back support 3) Stick the chip to the back support.  Ensure the left end of the chip is aligned to the end of the back support.  Refer to the 2 arrows in the picture.
4) Apply glue on the outer part of the back support 5) Stick the chip to the adapter (picture showing the bottom of chip facing up fit into the template)
6) Finally you have a completed adapter Tips:  Try to apply the glue sparingly and evenly.  Use of match stick is recommended.

User Guide

1) Mount your lens to the camera with the adapter that is fixed with this chip.

2) Set the camera to A (aperture priority) or M (manual) mode

4) When the chip is working, an aperture value will be displayed on the camera. i.e. defaulted at f2.8

5) The AF confirm indicator in the viewfinder lights up when something gets into focus. When the AF confirm indicator blinks, it means the focus point is too close or beyond range.  At all AF modes except "M" mode (i.e. "S-AF", "C-AF", "S-AF + M", "C-AF + M"  mode), AF confirm indicator will light up with a "beep" sound (only on the first time it gets focus).  You need to 'half press' and hold the shutter release button while performing the focusing.

6) If necessary, set the camera exposure compensation (mainly for very bright lens e.g. beyond f1.8)

Troubleshooting guide:

Question: My camera does not show an aperture value (i.e. 'f--')
Answer: When there's no aperture value shown on the camera, it means the chip is not working.  We have check every single chip before sending. Please proceed to check the following, they are the main cause of almost all problems.

a) Switch the camera main power off and then on again to reset the chip

b) Check the alignment of the chip, make sure the chip is installed at the correct position.  The chip has 7 contact points, the camera has 9 contact pins.  The chip has to be in the middle of the 9 pins when installed, the last pin at each end of the camera will be partially and equally exposed when the adapter is mounted to the camera without lens.


c) Clean the metal contact on the chip, sand it with a fine sand paper where necessary (glue residual may have smeared while fixing the chip to adapter, and it may not be visible to naked eyes). The adapter needs to be completely mounted to the camera and locked by the camera locking pin.

d) Reset your camera settings to factory default if the above doesn't solve the problem.

e) Upgrade your camera firmware if it's available

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 February, 2008.
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Dandelion AF confirm/IS Emulator (programmable) for Olympus
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